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My first review is going to go to this man here! Phil is wonderful!  I never had a workout routine or knew how to effectively workout so, I decided to have Phil train me.  He is so incredibly patient with me and never makes me feel intimidated.  I encourage anyone who is considering getting a personal trainer or making healthier decisions for themselves to give Phil a call.  You will not be dissappointed.  He's taught me things that I could have never imagined and it's all excercises that I can incorporate into my daily life.  He  always makes sure I feel ok and that I'm not going to pass out in the middle of my workout:)  Every time I leave a session, I feel awesome, like I'm on top of the world . Thank you Phil  you are helping me in more ways than you know.

 - Lisa R.


Trying to decide if you should hire a personal trainer? Well look no more! Phil is very motivated and knowledgeable personal trainer with years of experience in designing and monitoring exercise program base on clients abilities, goals and needs. Phil always motivating and encouraging his clients to reach maximum performance.

With that said, even with all of Phil's talent, repertoire of exercises, ability to keep the workouts fun, interesting and difficult, he is not a magician. You still need to do the work and keep focused on your goals. If you are willing to put in the effort, Pastor Phil WILL makes sure you achieve them.

So, when you are considering hiring a personal trainer, try to find one with a big "brain" over the guy who simply has big "muscles."

- Raqurl R.


I had fallen out of my workout routine for a few months following a move. In order to help get the ball rolling, I did 3 sessions with Phil per week for 1 month. Phil is a really nice guy and excels at motivating you to push yourself to the next level. In addition to kick-starting my workout routine, I learned a lot of good workout tips and exercises that I have continued to incorporate into my workout regimen to this day. I highly recommend Phil's services if you're in the market for a good trainer.

- Steve S. 








I am currently training with Phil. Training with Phil has been great and I definitely feel better since I've started. Phil has great communication and runs a great training session every time. It seems that he really cares about seeing progress and results from his clients. I would recommend Phil as a trainer to anyone.

 - Luke H.


I am a current client and I am very happy with Phil. I feel and look better than I have in a very long time. Phil is always prompt and puts in a full effort every session. I have seen great results and would definitely recommend his services to anyone.

- Chris P. 


I am a stroke survivor. When I began training with Phil I could not get down on the floor and get back up without using a wall or some object for leverage. I gained strength throughout my body following the plan Phil created for me. Phil taught me that I can gain strength if I worked at it even though it would take me longer. I also learned "Don't Give Up! because there are no plateaus.

- Mike M.


Phil Needler helped me build up strength in my arms and back which helped me immensely in my work as a CNA.

- Brenda M. 


Great normal workouts along with unconventional creativity. Awesome core workouts.

- John R.


The thing that sets Phil apart from other trainers is his sincere compassion for his clients. Phil wants nothing more than to see his clients succeed and he will do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal.

- Geoffrey C. 


Phil is a great trainer and motivator,   I am getting stronger with the workouts.   very encouraging when I want to give up.

- Brenda M.

Phil is one of the best. He helped me achieve over 100lbs in weight loss. He is very understanding of your limitations and comes up with creative ways to surpass them. The only bad workout is no Be prepared to have a great friend once you begin to workout with of the nicest guy you will come across and a fabulous trainer

- John Z.


When we signed up for the personal trainer, in was skeptical to say the least.  I felt I already knew how to work out properly and felt this could be a waste of money.  I have a military background and could not think of much that Phil could show me.  I could not have been more wrong.  If you are looking to get back into shape, you MUST have a trainer.  Phil shows the proper techniques on things that I took for granted and I could not be happier.  If you want to get into shape, get a trainer and if you a true professional, get Phil. - Geof C.


As many women I know, when i first signed upfor the gym i was nervous.  I get very intimidated by the macho/muscle men working out.  I'm never sure if i'm lifting the right amount of weight or using the machines correctly.  I generally stuck to the cardio equipment.  After one session with Phil I felt at ease.  I don't like to be spoken to by a drill sargent and Phil understood that completely.  He helped me get into amazing shape for my wedding and I never looked more beautiful.  I've been working out with Phil for about 2 years and I'll probably keep working out with Phil until he decides to leave my gym.

- Kimberly K.






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